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Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-2600 24" Printer

The sustainable 24" cutting edge 12-colour printer marks a new era in professional photography printing. It delivers prints with excellence, precision and longevity, expertly crafted for both discerning photographers, artists and print service providers who demand the highest quality.


The sustainable 24" cutting edge 12-colour printer marks a new era in professional photography printing. It delivers prints with excellence, precision and longevity, expertly crafted for both discerning photographers, artists and print service providers who demand the highest quality.

Deliver print perfection with exceptional colour gradation for striking photography and fine art pieces with new LUCIA PRO II inks. 


Introducing the latest series tailored for the photography and fine art sectors: three models— the 60”/1524mm imagePROGRAF PRO-6600, the 44”/1118mm PRO-4600, and the 24”/610mm PRO-2600. These models succeed the imagePROGRAF PRO-6100, PRO-4100, and PRO-2100, respectively.


Welcome to a new era in professional photography and fine art printing. The imagePROGRAF PRO has been expertly crafted for photographers and print service providers who demand only the best.

Thanks to the innovative 12-colour LUCIA PRO II ink set, print perfection is delivered with exceptional colour gradation and clarity to bring your vision to life with unbeatable image quality. The use of Chroma Optimiser (CO) ink is designed to control light reflection for rich colour expression on glossy or semi- gloss paper.


Our new 12-colour ink set offers vibrant, vivid colour gradation for striking photography and fine art printing. By changing the formulation of the MBK ink we’ve also enhanced dark density, producing deeper blacks and a dark colour gamut.

Infinite depth and detail can be shown in dark areas. Chroma Optimiser (CO) ink acts as an ‘accelerator’ for deeper blacks in dark areas. So, you can look forward to unrivalled print quality, with dark tones are always accurate - your photography and artwork will look dramatic in all the right places.


Don’t just print images that look good today – with the imagePROGRAF PRO series, you can produce stunning prints that will last a lifetime.

Photographs and posters are more robust, with the new LUCIA PRO II ink formula featuring a special high light-resistance pigment that will preserve your prints for 200 years2, with the improved light-fastness protecting against light damage without affecting colour development. And scratches are nothing to be feared either, with high scratch resistance ink.


With the imagePROGRAF PRO, you can look forward to reliably brilliant results from a printer that’s been designed to help you get the job done, time after time.

Print head management has been improved – with nozzle-clogging detection and auto alignment helping to ensure any issues are spotted before they become a problem. And the new ink droplet detection unit will help minimise image deterioration.


Looking for a printer that allows you to get more done? The imagePROGRAF PRO offers a range of features to help you print superior images quickly and without downtime.

Automatic media loading streamlines your workflows – simply place the roll in the feeder and the printer takes care of the rest, detecting media type and remaining media levels. The dual roll enhances productivity further, allowing a single printer to take on multiple jobs using different paper types. And with high-capacity hot swap ink tanks, you can keep printing for longer.


The imagePROGRAF PRO is built to print brilliantly – and quickly. Automatic media loading and media type detection helps simplify even the most complex of jobs. The media exchange process reduces the time spent loading media rolls by 40%.

Even custom media is handled with ease, with the Media Configuration Tool simplifying the creation of custom media profiles. And the remaining media estimation function makes running out of media midway through a job a thing of the past.


Beyond excellent print quality, the imagePROGRAF PRO series ensures a seamless experience for an easier job, so you can print with confidence.

Supporting various software like Professional Print & Layout streamlines workflows and minimises misprints. Reliable image quality, simplified media handling, high-capacity ink tanks, and free size Borderless Printing maximise productivity. The roll media size indicator and the improved display panel provide easy access to essential information.


Sustainability has never been more important to businesses across the world. It’s why we designed the imagePROGRAF PRO series to be an environmentally conscious choice.

It’s EPEAT Gold rated for lower power consumption during both operation and power-off. And we’ve also used less expanded polystyrene (EPS) in the packaging, too.


Accompanied by a revamped pigment ink set, LUCIA PRO II with a robust palette of 12 colours, this series promises the pinnacle of photo print quality among imagePROGRAF models to date. The launch of the new series addresses market demand for greater image durability and light resistance to help increase long-term print storage, and offers new environmental benefits.

In addition, the newly developed LUCIA PRO II ink achieves excellent light resistance and can be stored for a long time in high image quality, enhancing the print value of not only photos but also fine art. In addition, it does not scratch or scratch on the surface of glossy paper, and it realises easy handling of works.

The PRO series is equipped with a transparent ink chroma optimizer. The Chroma Optimizer optimally controls the light that determines the appearance of colours, so that the original colours of the ink colourant are faithfully expressed regardless of the environment in which the print is viewed.

The Chroma Optimizer achieves the highest image quality with excellent dark colouring, black expressiveness, and luster uniformity, and suppressed bronzing. The Chroma Optimizer is glossy/semi-glossy paper used to output using Clean or Highest mode (clear coat). This function can be turned off in cases where clear coating is not required, such as when laminating.


Though the 12-colour imagePROGRAF PRO series had already earned acclaim for its ability to generate prints of exceptional photo quality, boasting vibrant colours and unmatched clarity and detail, the inclusion of matte black ink within the LUCIA PRO II ink set, alongside an updated colour matching table, marks a significant enhancement.

Designed for photography and fine art, the new imagePROGRAF PRO line features the newly developed LUCIA PRO II pigment ink designed to help improve the image quality from previous models while also enhancing resistance to light. Improved black density on art paper was achieved by changing the formulation and material of matte black ink, the color gamut of the dark region was expanded by the adoption of a newly designed image table.

The new ink set can also work to help produce and preserve prints as a crystalline wax has been added to the ink, giving the printed surface better resistance to abrasion-caused scratches on glossy and semi-glossy media. The reformulated Chroma Optimizer is designed to give the surface a clear coat of transparent ink that helps suppress bronze phenomena and helps reduce uneven glossiness.


The latest imagePROGRAF PRO series guarantees ease of use and heightened productivity, catering to users of all skill levels. Its innovative ink ejection status monitoring system, along with streamlined settings and improved media handling, ensures a seamless printing experience.

With dual roll capability, users can load a second roll of varying media type and size simultaneously, enabling effortless transitions from matte to gloss paper without disrupting workflow. Furthermore, enhancements to the automatic media feeding process have slashed media loading times by approximately 40%, further optimising efficiency.


Embrace sustainability with this environmentally conscious printer, proudly holding the esteemed EPEAT Gold rating, which signifies its commitment to low energy consumption and reduced environmental impact.

Furthermore, the packaging is thoughtfully designed to be entirely free from polystyrene foam, minimising waste and environmental harm. The added benefit of quiet, less-noise printing makes it the perfect choice for peaceful office environments, ensuring both productivity and sustainability go hand in hand.


New inks substantially improve scratch resistance. Very light-resistant pigments dramatically increase colour fastness, with prints that can be preserved for 200 years.


The new series includes a newly developed ink sensing system that periodically monitors ink ejection condition and optimises ink landing position by detecting deterioration of ejecting condition and automatically performing alignment adjustment.

The intelligent media handling function automatically detects the paper type, width and estimated remaining amount of paper, plus it completes the paper feeding process in a shorter time than previous models. The automation of this process will help ensure stable operations even in the absence of skilled or experienced personnel.

The addition of LED interior lights allows users to preview prints and semi-translucent ink tank covers allows users to monitor ink tank status.

The printer is equipped with a "Smart Roll Paper Set" function that allows you to complete the paper roll setting operation by simply placing the paper roll on the paper source.

The printer automatically performs a series of operations, including paper feeding and delivery, paper width and type detection, and paper remaining amount detection, and automatically adjusts the printer to a printable state. Because the operator can leave the paper after it is loaded, the constraint time for the roll paper set is drastically reduced. In addition, there is no need for tedious work such as putting the tip of the paper roll in place or sending the paper out, and since it does not touch the paper surface, it prevents degradation of image quality by applying fingerprints and dirt to the printing surface.

By speeding up the paper feeding process, paper roll sets can be completed in a shorter time than previous models.

The following shows the comparison with previous models.

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Key Features

Impeccable print quality with outstanding colour gradation, particularly enhancing dark density & achieving deeper blacks
Streamlined media handling, auto media loading, dual rolls & free-size borderless printing helps you to maximise productivity
New inks substantially improve scratch resistance. Very light-resistant pigments dramatically increase colour fastness
Reduced packaging waste by up to 89.5%. Achieves a 'Gold' rating on the U.S. EPEAT Registry for eco-friendliness, thanks to its low power consumption.
Perfect for

Photography & Fine Art markets.

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