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About us

Stanford Marsh Group incorporating SMG Finance, Tri-Tech 3D and Cadspec. 

Stanford Marsh are the UK’s leading supplier of wide format printers, consumables and service support to the CAD/Technical market; these include main OEM brands with products from HP, Canon and EPSON..

Cadspec our dedicated software division who supply and support Autodesk CAD software, training & consultancy services to both the AEC & MFG sectors.

The Tri-Tech 3D Print division supply & support 3D print solutions including Stratasys, Makerbot and Desktop Metal 3D Printers

With a turnover of circa £22 million and 6 locations, we are in a unique position to facilitate bridging the gap between the digital design office, the construction site or the factory floor.

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Who We Are.....

Stanford Marsh Ltd was incorporated in 1965, with its founder’s roots very much in the Design Office Market. With a technical drafting background and commercial experience in other organisations supplying the Design Office, Stanford Marsh grew by offering drafting tools, reprographic equipment and associated consumables to enable the Design Office function in any organisation to operate effectively throughout the period up to the 1990’s when traditional drafting techniques began to evolve in to the modern era now recognised as the typical design process

With the advent of emerging technologies in the 80’s and 90’s, both in reprographic and CAD software offerings, Stanford Marsh Group embraced new developments such as Computer Aided Design to secure its long term future health, innovating faster than our customers we have always prided ourselves in bringing new technologies to the market whether that be BIM for AEC markets or additive manufacturing & 3D Print.

Today the range of technologies are still developing rapidly, in which we’ve gone on to be leading specialists in providing the latest wide format machines and modern Design Office equipment. From humble beginnings, the company now has multiple subsidiaries and the broadest spread of manufacturer-trained engineers in the UK.

Stanford Marsh Group provide hardware and software sales of all the leading market brands:

The Stanford Marsh Group…

The Stanford Marsh Group is made up of 6 UK limited companies and divisions that each specialise in industry leading products and services which bridge the gap between the digital Design Office and manufacturing innovation. From smart digital design and cloud collaboration at the drawing board, through to additive solutions which break the conventional boundaries of traditional manufacturing; SMG enable a seamless transition from idea to production and help facilitate the transition into industry 4.0.

Alongside Stanford Marsh, SMG consists of:


As an Autodesk Gold Partner, Cadspec are leading providers of Autodesk software, training and consultancy services. With 5 Autodesk authorised training centres, our MFG and AEC industry experts deliver high quality training to UK professionals at both beginner and advanced levels, as well as bespoke consultancy solutions. We’re best known for our customer-centric approach and our services continue long after your initial investment.

Tri-Tech 3D

With roots as a true engineering company ,Tri-Tech 3D are a UK leading provider of Stratasys, Makerbot and Desktop Metal 3D Print technology. Based centrally in Stoke-on-Trent, we offer the complete range of Stratasys FDM and PolyJet technology and 3D metal printing solutions as Desktop Metal Platinum partners, as well as professional support and maintenance contracts.

3D Print Bureau

The 3D Print Bureau is an innovative in-house 3D print service provider, centrally based in Stoke-on-Trent and Royston. We work with a variety of industries from Media to Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Consumer Goods and more to deliver high quality 3D prints through FDM, PolyJet, CJP and DLP technologies. Our focus is on exceptional quality prints with a fast turnover and professional delivery.

3D Print Academy

We are the Uk’s only Stratasys certified 3D print training centre, the 3D Print Academy offer a range of comprehensive FDM and PolyJet courses for both complete beginners and advanced users. Our trainers are unique as the only specialists in the UK to have attended a Stratasys trainer course at the Germany headquarters and are committed to empowering delegates to get the most out of their 3D print investment.

Stanford Marsh Finance

Stanford Marsh Finance provide competitive financing options for the hire of wide-format and 3D Printer hardware and software investments made through the group.

We allow your business to make the required investment to grow and offer flexible upgrade options to enable you to progress with the rate of technology.

Stanford Marsh is part of the Stanford Marsh Group – the UK’s market leader in providing design technology needs

Stanford Marsh 50 Years Golden Service