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HP PageWide XL 3900 Multifunction Printer

DISCONTINUED, replaced by the Pagewide XL 3920

HP Pagewide XL 3900

DISCONTINUED, replaced by the Pagewide XL 3920

HP add the NEW HP Pagewide XL 3900 Printer to the highly successful PW XL series of Large Format Colour Printers

The HP Pagewide XL 3900 & HP PWXL 3900 MFP bring the entry level entrance point down for prospective users with a speed of 6 A1 per minute, aligning with the Canon Colorwave line up so that users can choose a lower cost model at a slower speed than the HP PWXL 4100, 4600 & 5100 choices.

The new line up offers output speed from 6 A1 Per minute up to as little as 30 A1 per minute but still using HP's market leading Pagewide XL ink & head platform.

You can Run at lower costs than low-volume LED (Black & White toner based printers such as Kip or Ricoh) in both monochrome and colour whilst using only half the energy per page and gain control over your printing costs with HP SmartTracker software.

CONSOLIDATE—Mono and color printing in one

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Key Features

Entry level Pagewide XL XL
Tight on budget but want to step up to quicker output at 6 A1 per minute (colour or B&W) then the XL 3900 is ideal
Media Choices
Huge choice of medias from standard CAD papers to presentation, blue backs, polyprops, wall papers & gift wraps
Ask us about security features - market leading network security features.
Perfect for

PSP, AEC and Manufacturing CAD drawings as well as GIS. Good for Point of sale applications as well! 

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Product information

6CC85A HP PageWide XL 3900 40-in Multifunction Printer with Top Stacker


  • 2NH46AAE HP SmartStream Document Organizer Module
  • 2NH47AAE HP SmartStream Pixel Analysis Module
  • 6CC86A HP SmartTracker USB for HP XL 3000 Printer series
  • 6CC86AAE HP SmartTracker for HP XL 3000 Printer series
  • 6SE88A HP SmartStream Print Controller USB for HP XL 3000 Printer series
  • 6SE88AAE HP SmartStream Print Controller for HP XL 3000 Printer series
  • 6UA02AAE HP SmartStream Cloud Client Module
  • CZ317A HP PageWide XL PostScript/PDF Upgrade Kit
  • CZ318A HP PageWide XL Drawer
  • L3J69A HP SmartStream USB Preflight Manager
  • L3J69AAE HP SmartStream Preflight Manager
  • L3J71A HP SmartStream Preflight Manager One-Year Subscription
  • L3J71AAE HP SmartStream Preflight Manager One-Year Subscription

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