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Epson SureColor SC-T7700DL

This high print volume printer with an Integrated Ink Pack System featuring 1.6L pigment ink packs including Pk, Mk, CMY, Red.

Epson SureColor SC-T7700DL

This high print volume printer with an Integrated Ink Pack System featuring 1.6L pigment ink packs including Pk, Mk, CMY, Red.

The SC-T7700DL provides the capacity for extended print runs thanks to its 6-colour integrated ink pack system with 1.6L UltraChrome XD3 all-pigment ink packs. The dual-roll boosts productivity by automatically switching rolls even between two different media types and sizes or for roll-to-roll printing.

Boasts 1.6L ink packs, versatile dual rolls and a permanent 2.64" micro TFP printhead perfect for customers with high-volume projects needing speed, consistent image quality and security.​

The SC-T7700DL combines high productivity with a low total cost of ownership. Create new perspectives and enable your clients and associates to explore the richness of your designs and renderings with stunning full-colour displays, precise line definition and high print quality. The SureColor T7700DL is a great choice for architectural companies that require a versatile and durable product for printing detailed plans and drawings, and features new red ink that is perfect for marking up CAD drawings.


The contemporary and versatile design make it ideal for working environments, with a flat back, front and sides it allows installation tightly against walls and cabinets. Save regularly used files securely on the encrypted 960GB SSD1. Monitor usage and consumables remotely.


High speeds up to 130 m²/hr, water resistant pigment inks, automatic media switching and bi-directional auto take up reel.


Print large quantities of detailed technical drawings or advertising posters, without the need to replace the printhead. Images will look professional, precise, and vibrant.


This large format printer has been designed for architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) companies producing detailed and precise CAD plans and drawings as well as retailers that need to produce point of sale (POS) posters that exactly replicate logo colours.

Low costs and high speeds make these large format printers ideal for engineers. Produce detailed and accurate large-scale drawings, renderings, schematics, blueprints and more whenever you need to. Permanent long lasting, high performance 2.64-inch wide printheads and less frequent cartridge replacement that enables unattended overnight printing means you control the quality of the prints.


Government and public sector companies with workers based across different sites will also benefit from the high-level security features.

Enjoy complete peace of mind that your highly confidential documents will be protected and secure while printing. Enhanced IT and security features, such as 802.1x network authentication, and device access control with encrypted pin/password and optional NFC card access ensure that confidential and sensitive documents will not be compromised. The T7700DL is ideal for workers based across different sites or within large corporations who need secure, high-volume printing from their key business applications.

Secure printing is assured thanks to a vast range of enhanced IT and security features. Secure communications with network authentication, data protection and device access control mean that highly confidential documents can be protected. Supporting Open Platform allows customers to work with ISVs to tailor their printing solutions, and central managing and tracking applications such as Epson’s Cloud Solution PORT and software tools allow for central management of external threats, making these printers ideal for commercial businesses.


Slim-line and unobtrusive, they fit seamlessly into most working environments. The flat backs of the printers enable them to be stored tightly against the wall and the flat top surface can be used as a proofing bench and station.

With its compact footprint, the T7700DL is one of the smallest large format printers on the market. The flat top surface handily serves as a proofing bench. The versatile design makes them an ideal fit for most offices, with a flat back, front and sides allowing installation tightly against walls and cabinets. All printer features are accessed easily from the front, including the intuitive interface for easier operation, and the fully integrated retractable catch basket. Front access also makes routine maintenance quick and straightforward.

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Key Features

High productivity
Fast, versatile and secure printing from PC, mobile, USB and 960GB SSD
Enhanced security features
Protect highly confidential documents with ease
Automatic media loading, dual roll and Production Stacker
High image quality
Sharp detailed prints thanks to Adobe PostScript 3 as standard
Less waste
1.6L ink packs reducing wastage and dedicated Mk, Pk channels
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