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Epson Surecolor SC-T5700D (Dual roll) (Adobe PostScript 3) 36" Technical Printer (C11CH81301A1)

Adobe PostScript 3 enabled, fully-integrated printer with dual rolls, pigment ink (Pk, Mk,CMY, Red), comprehensive data and access security.

Epson Surecolor SC-T5700D (Dual roll) (Adobe PostScript 3) 36" Technical Printer (C11CH81301A1)

Adobe PostScript 3 enabled, fully-integrated printer with dual rolls, pigment ink (Pk, Mk,CMY, Red), comprehensive data and access security.

The SureColor SC-T5700D delivers class-leading printed image quality by harnessing the power of Adobe PostScript 3. Thanks to the 6-colour UltraChrome XD3 all-pigment ink, including a red, the SC-T5700D delivers vibrant images for posters and temporary outdoor advertising. Protected by 28 security features including: NFC, PIN and Password authentication and Epson on-site warranty.

Thanks to its user-focused design the 6-colour UltraChrome XD3 all-pigment ink, including a red, the SC-T5700D delivers vibrant images for posters and temporary outdoor advertising.

The new line-up is a considerable departure from EPSON's normal architecture, gone have the big footprints from earlier product generations instead a contemporary design that compliments any working environment. With a flat back, front and sides installation is possible even in to the tightest of spaces fitting tightly against walls or cabinets and offering a flat working surface for your prints, laptop or tablet.



Featuring big 700ml inks (350ml are also available) to keep print cost down with these large better value for money cartridges per ML. Furthermore with a 6-colour UltraChrome XD3 pigment ink system (Pk, Mk, C,M,Y & Red) including a Red, business will be able to accurately replicate company logos and print strong vibrant images on posters and temporary outdoor advertising or for construction site signage in addition to CAD drawings. Workflow can be further enhanced by saving regularly used files securely on the optional encrypted 960GB SSD1 HDD. You can also monitor usage and consumables remotely along with service alerts and for education, big business or government you can discreetly add an Equitrac card reader to restrict / monitor usage with an easily accessible inbuilt device holder.

SC-T5700D in operation banner


Speeds up to 130 m²/hr and 700ml ink cartridges the SC-T3700E can deliver high volume print jobs fast, without compromising on quality.


The compact, simple, elegant design integrates all the standard features without fussy bolt on options. Its clear cut appearance means it will fit into most working environments without looking out of place.


The contemporary and versatile design is ideal for most working environments, with a flat back, front and sides it allows installation tightly against walls and cabinets. Save regularly used files securely on the encrypted 960GB SSD1. Monitor usage and consumables remotely.


Whether printing large quantities of detailed technical drawings, temporary signage and POP posters for retail and hospitality, the prints are precise and vibrant.

SC-T5700D in operation banner


Display your CAD plans and drawings in outstanding detail. Create new perspectives and enable your clients and associates to explore the richness of your designs and renderings with stunning full-colour displays, precise line definition and high print quality. The SureColor Tx700 Series large format printer range is ideal for architectural companies that require a versatile and durable product for printing detailed plans and drawings, and features new red ink that is perfect for marking up CAD drawings.


Fast turnaround of highly accurate, detailed drawings. When accuracy and speed are important, you can rely on the SureColor Tx700 Series to get the job done. Impress your clients and partners with your presentation of large format documents and plans with superb image clarity, quality and detail. Water-resistant pigment inks are ideal for printing CAD drawings that can be used on a construction site. Faster turnaround times for construction drawings will help you complete projects sooner and bid for more clients.


Print incredible detail, fast. Low costs and high speeds make these large format printers ideal for engineers. Produce detailed and accurate large-scale drawings, renderings, schematics, blueprints and more whenever you need to. Permanent long lasting, high performance 2.64-inch wide printheads and less frequent cartridge replacement that enables unattended overnight printing means you control the quality of the prints.


Bright and precise colours at high speed. Make a first impression that lasts with high-quality, eye-catching Point of Sale materials guaranteed to grab your customers’ attention. Print everything from hanging banners, signage, posters and wall graphics to floor graphics and decals. The Tx700 Series features 6-colour UltraChrome XD3 all-pigment inks that can print bright, precise and long-lasting colours at high speed. The Series also includes a new red ink that matches the exact colour of red in corporate logos and accentuates red hues for food produce, such as tomatoes, strawberries etc.

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Key Features

Roll capacity
Dual Roll
Adobe Postscript
High productivity
Fast, versatile and secure printing from PC, mobile and USB
Enhanced security features
Protect highly confidential documents with ease
Automatic media loading and Save to functionality
High image quality
2.64-inch Micro TFP printhead delivering 3.5pl droplets
Valuable options
960GB SSD and (optional) production stacker
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