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Oce launch new Oce ColorWave 300 2nd Edition – 3 September 2011

From Oce Netherlands, PRESS RELEASE - Océ ColorWave 300 2nd Edition provides users in architecture, engineering, construction and commercial printing companies with even more productive printing. It is perfect for businesses with limited space looking to get the highest return on their document production investment.

Productive printing, copying and scanning – in colour and B&W

According to BERTL analysts in their 100% independent assessment of the key buyer benefits the Océ ColorWave 300 system multifunction printer offers users "exceptional ease of use, energy efficiency and solid construction."

The Océ ColorWave 300 2nd Edition adds productive featuring to the proven Océ ColorWave 300 concept. The choice of two integrated online folding units enables a fully automated workflow for the delivery of consistent and high quality folded output. The online folders are fully integrated so users can access the scanning and printing functionalities without removing the folder. Folding can be selected from the control panel, the printer driver and submission tools. Backchannel communication between the system and the folder ensures reliable operation.

With the Océ ColorWave 300 2nd Edition users can print, copy and scan colour and B&W large format documents in one go, just by pressing the Océ green button. The unique Océ Image Logic technology is expanded with scanning and copying features of folded documents and documents with color annotations. Océ Image Logic compensates for folding lines and poor background automatically, without losing information. Colour annotations like fluorescent yellow will be maintained and reproduced. 

The powerful controller swiftly handles all file formats – HP-Gl/2, PDF, DWF, JPEG – without sacrificing speed. Users can print and scan documents via a USB flash drive. Additionally the concurrent copying, scanning, processing and printing features, makes the Océ ColorWave 300 2nd Edition the most productive all-in-one system for colour and B&W.

One for tomorrow that helps businesses grow sustainably

The Océ ColorWave 300 2nd Edition is an economical way to produce B&W technical CAD drawings, for adding color to enhance technical documents and for producing color promotional materials. It delivers the ease of use and workflow efficiency of an Océ B&W system and the versatility of a color printer.

Waste is eliminated by using automatic original and media size recognition and image positioning feature. And working environment is not affected by ozone, dust or odours.

"The Océ ColorWave 300 2nd Edition takes productivity and workflow efficiency to the next level," explained Michael Boyle, Océ International Marketing Director. The Océ ColorWave 300 2nd Edition is available for immediate delivery.


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