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Canon imagePROGRAF TM-355 A0 36" MFP Lm36

Elevate experiences with a sustainable 36 multifunction printer, with less noise operation, enhanced productivity, intuitive functionality, professional image quality, integrated scanning capabilities & 500GB Encrypted HD.

Canon imagePROGRAF TM-350 Lm36 angled view

Elevate experiences with a sustainable 36” multifunction printer, with less noise operation, enhanced productivity, intuitive functionality, professional image quality, integrated scanning capabilities & 500GB Encrypted HD.

The TM-355 MFP Lm36 delivers lightning-fast performances that can produce A1 CAD prints in 17 seconds and A1 posters in 22 seconds.


Prioritizing productivity and user-friendliness, this innovative device effortlessly streamlines your workflow, ensuring that tasks are completed with unparalleled efficiency. With a commitment to delivering professional-grade image quality, this MFP solution stands out as an exceptional choice across various industries and applications where precision and excellence are of paramount importance. With the TM-355 MFP Lm36, you can expect not only enhanced productivity but also a calmer, more focused work environment that elevates your overall work experience. 

Integrated scanning functionality, coupled with dedicated software, enhances your productivity. Now, you can seamlessly transition between printing and scanning at high speeds, streamlining your workflow for maximum efficiency and productivity gains.  This model also features a 500GB Encrypted Hard Drive.

Canon imagePROGRAF TM-350 MFP Lm36 printer images

The TM-355 delivering lightning-fast performance that can produce A1 CAD prints in 17 seconds and A1 posters in 22 seconds. This remarkable efficiency empowers you to meet tight deadlines and accomplish more in less time, without sacrificing the quality you demand.  Larger cartidge capacities also result in less "change overs" keeping your workflow moving.



Simplify your project management with seamless navigation through the user-friendly 3" touchscreen panel on the scanner. Dedicated software takes your efficiency to the next level, enabling parallel processing that allows you to effortlessly print and scan simultaneously to guarantee that your workflow remains both efficient and streamlined.


With the addition of a new Magenta Ink and revolutionary image enhancement technology expect to achieve unparalleled vibrancy in red tones and enjoy the benefit of consistently crisp lines and impeccable detailing. Whether you're producing intricate CAD drawings, captivating posters, informative educational materials, or a variety of other print projects, this print technology ensures that your output remains vivid, precise, and visually captivating, setting a new standard for quality in all your printed materials.

By utilising all-colour pigment ink which is also water resistant, the printers can produce eye-catching posters and point-of-sale items that attract attention and do not fade easily over a long period of time. Customers printing posters can produce borderless prints using the full roll width, which removes the time-consuming task of trimming the margins after printing.


Experience dependable performance, fast processing, and instant wake-up from sleep mode for uninterrupted productivity. Say goodbye to time-consuming margin trimming with borderless printing feature, which allows you to effortlessly produce full-bleed images of any size directly from the device. This streamlined workflow not only saves you valuable time but also ensures your prints are picture-perfect, down to the very edge, making your projects stand out with a professional and polished finish.

Larger capacity ink tanks (130ml/300ml) also keep your printing operations running smoothly without the need for frequent cartidge changes.


The TM-355 MFP Lm36 boasts a functional and user-friendly design, featuring a spacious 4.3" touch screen panel that presents intuitive instructions and crucial information at your fingertips. Easily access details such as media type, remaining media and ink levels, ensuring you're always in control of your print jobs. When it comes to replacing roll paper, the flat-top cover design simplifies the process, making it quick and simple to load new media without any hassle, so you can get back to printing quickly and efficiently.

The design also helps to reduce operating noise across the series up to about 39 decibels (dB) in certain models, which is approximately 1/3 lower than their predecessors, making it suitable for any working environment.

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Key Features

Matt black, black, cyan, yellow and new magenta pigment ink.
Auto detection of media type and remaining amount, easy setup of roll paper.
Save time by printing and scanning simultaneously double efficiency from parallel processing.
Intuitive functionality and useful information display.
300ml/130ml INK TANKS:
Bigger ink tanks to support your daily printing demand
500GB (Encrypted)
128GB (no expansion slot)
Perfect for

AEC offices, retail businesses and educational institutions.

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